The Tremble Creek Tornado, Book 2, Episode 1, WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS

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The Tremble Creek Tornado

Book 2, Episode 1 (five episodes per book)


NaNoWriMo 2011 Winner

Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Cover Illustration and design: Lisa Loucks-Christenson 

Publisher: Snowy River Press™:

Ebook - EPub: ISBN: 978-1-59819-001-4

Ebook - PDF: ISBN: 978-1-59819-002-1

Publisher: Snowy River Books™:

Print ISBN: 978-1-59819-010-6

Publisher: Coywolf Entertainment™:


ISBN: 978-1-59819-011-3




When Mason Banks' former love interest returns to Whitewater Falls, Mason questions his love for Annie. It will take an act of faith and sheer gut instinct to expose illegal animal traders,  follow the true path and intentions of what will go down in history, in more ways than one, as the Tremble Creek Tornado.



When Mason’s ex-girlfriend, Dixie, returns home eight years after breaking Mason’s heart, she rides through the sunset and into Whitewater Falls—like an out of control tornado—spewing every kind of trouble into her make-shift living quarters alongside Tremble Creek, and in the aftermath of her arrival, she breaks off Annie and Mason’s engagement.

Strange animal sightings, including the capture of a non-native species, a grizzly bear cub, roaming around in Annie’s Eagle Documentary project, leads Annie to the truth, but it doesn’t set her free from her broken heart.

Turning the grizzly cub over her ex-fiancée, Mason, the areas Upper Mississippi Fish & Wildlife Refuge Officer only entangles Annie into Dixie’s animal smuggling ring. Annie must find out where loyalties stand after she uncovers Mason’s ex-girlfriend, Dixie—or at least her cover story—is a few miles short of her claimed Macon County-Dixie Line backstory.

When Annie is forced to make the biggest leap of faith in her life, with the help of White Wolf and Wind Chill, the two wolves who seem to have taken to her, she risks everything she believes, to protect them and the people she loves, in this eye for an eye, soul for a soul, environmental, supernatural ghost town suspense saga.

One thing is for sure: Whitewater Falls may be a small town in southeast Minnesota, but it's never experienced anything like the illegal animal trade, or the trouble that blows in like a Tremble Creek Tornado.

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