Blustery Tuesday! Valentine's Adventures, Book 1

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Blustery Tuesday!

When the cold springtime winds of Minnesota arrive they are swift to lift Valentine, a Chihuahua, into the sky and like good teachers, teach her to fly.

Across the horizon and high in the sky, Valentine meets new friends who love to share their stories and secrets of sky-life.

Tales, friends, stories, and scenes that would have flown by if Valentine had only peeked out her window and not walked outside on that one Blustery Tuesday, the day the winds arrived, sending her on her wild sky-ride while blowing the bees right out of their hive!

This book is sold with the original names and characters created by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, the author and illustrator. The title can be personalized using names you want to exchange for an additional fee. Personalized books include a dedication page you write, and will take 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Publishers: Story Antics® (online version), Story Antics Personalized Books™

Published under strict license with the Bow Wow Detectives Intellectual Property Original Stories, Photos, and Illustrations by Lisa Loucks-Christenson™ 

The Bow Wow Detectives has re-branded as LISALOUCKSCHRISTENSONCREATOROFTHEBOWWOWDETECTIVES™ due to trademark infringement and the ongoing copyright thefts (like the most recent, DON'T EAT BEES! book, an original story and concept first published by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, based on the life of her real dog: by a big five publisher, plagiarized the exact and only words on Lisa's award-winning and number one best-selling book, using a font that mirrors Lisa's handwritten words: "Don't Eat Bees!" and they add a comic style dog snapping up one bee, but Lisa's shows her dog illustration snapping at one bee while another flies above his head. 

Lisa has limited the number of books coming into her store, usually by specific request only, from this big five publisher, and absolutely no books from the author's agent, or author, or Canadian illustrator, nor any of their imprints (many of them). That and Lisa found this big five didn't pay to license her multiple images, on the books she has in her physical possession, with different ISBNs, in two languages she discovered when the big five told her they'd sue her if she pressed them. They have stolen from her, published, illegally distributed her multiple images, without permission, without payment and she was just not supposed to find out, but did. She demanded payment, none arrived. She sent a cease and desist, they laughed and told her to go market her books to people who would buy them. (She believed that meant Amazon, since her book held the #1 paid slot, pushing the big five's books down for about a month after her release of her story, Don't Eat Bees!) She told them this is part of a series, a legal trademark now, a registered trademark then. 

Lisa has locked up numerous works that will never be published in her lifetime due to thefts, ongoing infringements, willful infringements, and worse by companies in the USA and a theme park in India that has the USA studio making and designing for them in the USA, willfully violating her registered trademark. It's the trademark holders position to hire the attorneys, be tangled in court, cease and desists, get told you have a solid case, be told to fork over all your earnings to pay the attorney to go to court, to pay to renew your classes and trademark while being told the USPTO can't give legal advice. 



Lisa's work is all being re-branded with her name built into every brand. It's a long name, but distinctive. Now, when the future infringers want to steal and flip the words around, like they did with Lisa's "Bow Wow Detectives" in India, where Lisa's  Saliva Smirk's Summer Camp for Dogs! book hit #1 on Amazon, and there is a copyright on that book too, suddenly there is a new trademark trying to be placed (but failed) for "Detective Bow Wow". Or, using Lisa's Bow Wow Detectives as their own play name and winning awards and selling play tickets for it, then, but when caught, smeared Lisa online, made their threats.

I once believed there were FBI, IP Agencies, heck, even our own police that has city ordinances specific to intellectual property and trade secret thefts, and the lawyers who now, looking back, laughingly at the very least, willing to take on each and every case and push forward to our victories, not in it just for the paychecks). 

You can read this:

An example is “Kentucky Fried Chicken®” which has come to signify chicken from a specific franchising organization, rather than as descriptive of all fried chicken originating in Kentucky.

Maybe you'll come to the conclusion that if you own a federally registered trademark, like Kentucky Fried Chicken® above, but your brand is over 14 years old, and called the Bow Wow Detectives®, one that Lisa has branded worldwide, selling art, books, ebooks, and merchandise to her worldwide clients. Then, she discovered, right after her book, SALIVA SMIRK'S SUMMER CAMP FOR DOGS! hit number one in India, along with USA, and other countries (but they didn't steal her work!), but and a company, sin India, a theme park in fact, began using the name Detective Bow Wow, (also a character name in Lisa's series and lines, and ambassadors and ambassador), hires a well known studio in the USA to produce, manufacture and even create a very similar logo to Lisa's Bow Wow Detectives® even including a magnifying glass--like her hand drawn magnifying glass, people in the Federal government don't see this? The very people investigating these crimes? Hmm. You can even buy their app in the Google Play store. Perfect--for them. Federally wrong, but they join the Wisconsin playwright that stole the brand, sold tickets to the plays, and more. So, this forces me, not out of my brand, but I'm not renewing a trademark when it's just an excuse for thieves to steal my brand, cost me time, creative time and money for attorneys. I'll just lock select works up. They'll not be released, not ever. Never in my lifetime. When I die. IF my family chooses to release them, they can. The money for the attorneys will be there. Every artist knows there are no government agencies that actually protect the creators. In fact, I'm positive, their lack of doing what they claim they do: investigate and prosecute. Nope. Not if you're the small guy. (Laughs, the big theme park owner. I really have the last laugh. He must have wanted to be a Christian so much that he stole from another Christian--a fourteen year brand--and tried to dumb it down with his characters. I own a beautiful store in Rochester. My worldwide traffic includes many people from India. Many are appalled by this act of outright theft. Keep on laughing big guy. God's eyes are on you. Me: I'm going to keep creating. You keep on stealing, thief. I'd rather be an creator, an original artist with my own stories than be the creep that pecks on the ground with his wealth, trying to shake me off. I'm deeply rooted--in Jesus. That's who you are trying to shake through me. You won't win. In fact, in my greatest moment of doubt . . . in walked a songwriter. He gave me his card. When I flipped it over it said: Jesus won!

I hope my octopus character you also stole, along with my brand costs you your theme park. Maybe Covid did. I don't care. I'm a creator. My husband calls me a Phoenix. I'm going to rise--every time. I'm starting my own theme park, virtually. It's a Bow Wow Detectives book about how they hunt down the theme park thieves stealing their identity. My grandfather used to say there is more than one way to skin a cat. Hello, my name is Lisa Loucks-Christenson and I'm watching every theft you take from creators like myself and I'm going to expose every single detail in my books.

12-14 cases later, I can truly say it's better to re-brand. Keep using your old brands, keep them alive and in the public. Don't be bullied out of what is your creation, add your name to them, or another, but keep them alive. Author and Illustrator: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

32-Original Illustrations created in watercolor and colored pencil

Loose art, prints, art cards, merchandise is available at Silver Lake Books™ or Peacock Books™


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