Covid-19 Policy

HEALTH & SAFETY: The health and safety of our guests and our family are our top concerns.

We're moving forward, eclipsed like so many other stores, I'm a Loucks, we don't quit. It's the last thing my dad said to me, "There's no such word as 'Can't'". Lisa says, " Today, June 5, 2020, on the days between burying my dad twenty years ago, I remember his words. That's what  a good father does for their children. So, I'm moving my steed forward, Stores  re-opened, small business  America or die trying 2020." God and His helpers are our guide.

Closed March 2020, Re-opened 6/5/2020: Silver Lake Books re-opened 6/5/2020 this afternoon with outside access only at this time. We're happy to assist and look inside for books and authors for you.

Book Handling & Safety Concerns:

The books we are selling are all inventory that has been quarantined, sanatized and, the majority of titles purchased, pre-Covid-19. Any book that is touched will go into contamination bin for a set time before we bring it out again, and have had the time to sanitize it. Any book returns (will follow the same process). 

Books we order for customers or bring in new or used go through our decontamination process.


We have rubber gloves available, but you will need to bring your own facial covering.

Books Inside & Favorite Authors:

We have thousands of books inside but only a small selection of titles outside on tables. We are in the process of putting new and used books online, and Lisa's exclusive titles (cook book line, Bow Wow Detectives®, Wolves of Whitewater Falls, etc.) We are happy to assist you find titles, and are happy to carry them out to you (we are used to carrying books, it's what we do!)

How to Order: Please use the website to select the books and checkout via credit card, if you want to call in an order (we have our own internal call center just call 507-512-3074, or use the contact form below with a list of what you are looking for. We'll get back to you within 24 hours, usually within a few hours. Email us at


We keep our lists offline so only our family sees your information, but when a title comes in we search our clients lists to see if we can make a match on your list, and if we do, we'll contact you and let you know via your contact info. 

PHONE: Our phone number is 507-512-3074 (landline, no text). Use our chat on our site, contact form, or call. 

DONATIONS: Yes we are taking these in by appointment. We appreciate your books.  Westerns, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Children's books, History, Biography's are some of the books our customers are looking for. 

BOOK PURCHASES: We are not buying customer books until fall or later.

BOOK SIGNINGS: Outside or online social distancing with social distancing.


Lisa's WINTER BUGS! Exhibit is showing. 

Lisa is planning on putting up a window viewable slide show of her wildlife documentaries, kids book slide show viewable from the front window in the near future.

Teachers can reach out to Lisa for her books and online programs.

Bow Wow Detectives® During this pandemic Lisa illustrated a Bow Wow Detectives® book that is about a boy and his life during the first chapter of Covid-19, this will be available soon. 

DON'T EAT BEES! is available as an ebook, but the hardcover has been held back until a better release date in the near future, it may happen this winter with the sequel, HEAVEN CAN WAIT! 



Updated 11/10/2020


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