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Written and Illustrated by Lisa Loucks-Christenson a #1 International Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, Illustrator and Photographer.






Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS is set in a real ghost town in southeastern Minnesota where she writes and illustrates and covers various outdoor documentaries. 

• Select worldwide publishing rights are available for this bestselling series.

•Each 18K+ episode is written with cliff hanger endings, five episodes per book, published by CoyWolf Entertainment™.

Each full book is a stand alone title.

Wolves of Whitewater Falls Bible of the characters, town, and trivia and excerpts is listed under its own sales page, when available. Updated bible is coming soon.




August had arrived with its new canvas of ever-changing colors that included amber-colored leaves dangling from a nearby birch tree. From Annie's heightened perspective, in more ways than one, but only because of the recent website report she'd received with the words "Happy Birthday" as if someone knew it was her special day, that and the next search had her gut-locked.

She tried to convince herself it was just a log of searches performed on her website. It was just one word, but she had to consider not only the word choice and its potential meaning, but also the  fact that the sender had posted it from Winona County. Not just any place in the world, but the exact county that served Whitewater Falls and all the strange and wild incidents she'd experienced while covering her outdoor beat during the past 16 years.

Naturally, her instincts narrowed her focus and opened her thoughts to what this lurker had typed, but she wondered if he knew, and she knew it was a he, because the FBI agent slipped and said so and she was paying attention. Not only that she could watch the replay app she'd installed on the website, she had watched him type it. It unnerved her when his cursor circled her name, when he maneuvered his cursor across her face scratching the arrow over her eyes, then her mouth and typed his next "search term".

How could one five-letter word persuade her to return to the valley? Lead her to climb to the highest ground she could find to draw up to Jesus, to understand and resist what appeared to be a direct warning, though he didn't say "Stay away or else, or I hate you like a former author who didn't appreciate Annie's book review, and "accidentally" emailed her a hate message, because the certified letter that followed didn't include "I hate you."

Annie turned it over to the University of Indiana's Law Enforcement, knowing full well it should have gone to the Rochester Police that served her city. She also knew they would just blow it off. Annie's thoughts drifted back to her last police incident.

Her alarm company called asking if she was alright. They had front motion on her alarm at her store and police had been dispatched. When Annie arrived the officer couldn't help but tell her, like the twenty-minutes he stood there was such an inconvenience, not even listening when she told him she had to clear customers from her other store, close her other store, lock it, drive into downtown traffic at noon and find parking.

He had an attitude it was clear as she looked at his lightless eyes. For some reason he was under the impression that there was only one person. He wasn't aware the person he talked to lied, but he was enlightened now. The look on his face when she showed him the photo of two men piqued his curiosity, at least she got that much, right before he added, "It's not my job to stand here and watch your store." 

 "Really?" Evidence proved there were two men. And there was a witness. The person who sent her their photo they shot of the two thugs entering her store, illegally, picking her lock in broad daylight. The alarm company dispatched the police. Turns out, per a call to his chief, it was his job. 

This was different. Annie was convinced the message was from her stalker; the one who'd had his fun, for years, and remained her only nemesis beside the cougar.

From Inspiration Point, the bluff towering the valley, she could see everything below, near and far, including White Wolf who was standing on the edge of the woods, with her only surviving pup from this challenging year. Inside she couldn't stop thinking that there should be two pups standing with their mom, and there would be, but the other one was taken by a foolish man.

Annie looked at the clouds, between them, the blowing leaves, tracks in the sand, but there was nothing written on the ground, in the blowing leaves or in the skies that explained the message, nothing she could see. In fact, from the sounds of the rustling below her, his message, if it was him, was anything but, "Quiet".

No one was going to silence her. Not this time. 


 Publisher: Coywolf Entertainment™

Written & Illustrated by: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

Cover Illustration: Lisa Loucks-Christenson

ISBN-13: 978-1-970165-02-9

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