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Here's a Christmas wish from Kerk and Derk creator Emme Jo Christenson

Here's a Christmas wish from Kerk and Derk creator Emme Jo Christenson

Kerk and Derk creator Emme Jo Christenson. The Kerk and Derk comic is published monthly in the Victory Voice. 

Emme is a 16-year-old artist whose been drawing since she was 18 months. At age 4, her dream was to work for Ninetendo®, years later, she still works towards a career in animation and art, and would love to work for Ghibli Studios, maybe one day?

You may purchase the Kerk and Derk high resolution comics on our site for downloads, or signed prints.



Book Divas™ Review of Paint My Body Red by Heidi R. Kling

Book Divas™ Review of Paint My Body Red by Heidi R. Kling



AUTHOR: Heidi R. Kling
PUBLISHER: Entangled Publishing, LLC
RELEASE DATE: 11/2/2015
REVIEWER: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Heidi R. Kling's Paint My Body Red, though written for YA, is sure to resonate with readers of all ages. Kling's story sends the reader right into the heart of relationships, bonds, people we cling to, people we lose whether we're ready to let go or not. How we continue is sure to open up talk. Talk is good, it may even save a life.

Writing about sensitive topics, not just one suicide, but several isn't exactly "peace" work. Kling not only delves into her characters' innermost triggers, she shares the rawness of their lives. Some of Kling's characters commit suicide leaving their loved ones and friends searching their paths forward. Kling writes with an emotional impact that doesn't end with chapter headings or their page numbers, her writing sinks in, it rides along with you hitched into your mind.

Paint My Body Red reaches in, yanks at your heart, then stalls your thoughts before redirecting them into a fictional world with characters painted with dark flaws and angst set against undeniable hope and promise. Kling's writing style has an edgy depth that will bite into your thoughts, drifting deeper than her Wyoming snow scenes, which are quite picturesque, when not buried in complexities or pain, that bring forth hope and promising futures.

Paint My Body Red is written with empathy and respect for the living and the dead, roping the reader into a trip of emotional highs and lows through seemingly real characters; gently leading the reader to a place where they may understand a thing or two about setting their inner "Scout" free,  and in doing so, may recognize their dreams will, forever, run free in their own valleys.

Kling opens her book with a powerful quote from CRAZY HORSE, building a fictional world around the real suicide tragedies in her own hometown, she takes us to a place within ourselves, where untouchable thoughts reside; feelings that remain hidden and aren't spoken about.  However, by the the end of this story, Kling's fictional Eight Hands Ranch, crafted and built on an infinite number, is set and ready to begin healing its infinite number of future fictional visitors (a sequel would be nice), while the characters lives live on: circling through the memories of her readers.

This book reminds me of  a quote, "Everything the power of the world does is done in a circle. . . . The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood. And so it is in everything where power moves."

BLACK ELK, OGLALA SIOUX                                                                                                                      (1863-1950)

Paint My Body Red will encircle you in its power. Kling's words . . . will move you. ––Lisa Loucks Christenson, Book Divas™

Read the Interview on Book Divas by Heidi R. Kling

Lisa Loucks Christenson's Book Review of Heidi R. Kling Book, PAINT MY BODY RED


Genre: Contemporary YA Romance

Sub-genre:  YA Mysteries &Thrillers

Name of Publisher: Entangled Teen

FTC AND PUBLIC NOTICE DISCLOSURE: Lisa Loucks Christenson, a member of the media asked to interview Heidi R. Kling. There's no expectation of a product to be sent or given to receive an interview. There is no expectation to advertise.

For the Book Review: One electronic book from the publisher was sent to the reviewer, who read and decided to submit an honest review. The publisher provided a free e-book hoping I would mention it on my blogs. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I'm disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

©2015 Lisa Loucks Christenson of Book Divas™ All Rights Reserved

Joanne Macgregor Interview on Book Divas™

Joanne Macgregor Interview on Book Divas™

Buy Scarred:

I was lucky enough to interview author Joanne Macgregor, who is an author from South Africa. Check out her new book, Scarred. If you wan to enter the "Scarred" e-book giveaway, send your name, e-mail address, and in the subject line write "SCARRED" to enter. But get your entry to us by 11/30/15 by 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time, because we draw the winner on 12/1/15. Entrant understands this is an e-book giveaway, an Amazon Gift e-Book, and entrant understands they will need to have a way to read the file with an e-reader that reads Kindle books.

TO ENTER Send an email to:

Lisa Loucks Christenson


Wolves of Whitewater Falls™ series trailer


Wolves of Whitewater Falls is a book series by Lisa Loucks Christenson.

©2015 Lisa Loucks Christenson ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Baoji in the River Race Rescue, Case File 6, Bow Wow Detectives® | Story Preview Edition

Baoji in the River Race Rescue, Case File 6, Bow Wow Detectives® | Story Preview Edition

 Bow Wow Detectives®

Ben & Baoji in the River Race Rescue

Case File 6

Story Preview Edition (includes the first two chapters, trivia, photos)

by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Cover Photos & Design: ©2012, 2017 Lisa Loucks Christenson

 Coming Soon!

  ISBN-13: 978-1-59819-379-4

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary Trailer

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary Trailer

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary 2005-present

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary Trailer by Lisa Loucks Christenson Lisa Loucks Christenson ABOUT Scenes, images from the past 12 years of Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, filmed over a 12 mile stretch of land in the back sloughs, rivers of the Whitewater Valley by National Award-winning Author and Photographer Lisa Loucks Christenson. Animal behavior, eagles, a community of wildlife as witnessed by Lisa through the seasons, blizzards, flash floods, tornadoes, and countless sunny days. Song: (licensed for commercial use) Radiant God by Hannah Ford

Song (licensed): Radiant God by Hannah Ford

The Model Maker

Title: The Model Maker

Author: Award-winning story by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Word Count: 55,000 words 

Genre: Vintage Romance, Time Travel

Release: July 2018

Publisher: Book Entree™

Imprint: Snowy River Press


Lisa wrote her award-winning short story, in a few hours with her baby daughter on her lap. Somehow, she wrote it, but even more amazing, she won a contest with it. There were so many people who wrote in and thanked Lisa for her story (see below), she promised herself she'd expand it, some day, when time allowed.

Finally, the novelized version is complete, this time with a cat on her lap, while she wrote, edited, and expanded her award-winning, original story by another 54,000 words, give or take a few.

Lisa sends a special thanks to her classmates at Gotham Writers, and especially to her instructor, Leigh Michaels. Thank you all for believing in me! Thank you to my family who happily cheered me on. Thank you to my grandparents––now in heaven, that  were in every sense–– including becoming the models for the cover of the novel––my  inspiration for the hero and heroine, Jonathon and Cora. Thank you Don at the Plains Time Dealer in Cresco, Iowa, for your tour of the Opera House and its stories, for publishing the story––way back when. Thank you Cresco, Iowa for your hospitality, every time I pass through, to the librarians who helped me pull old newspapers for developing my ideas for the novel and for offering visitors an extraordinary town to visit.  This story is rooted in your history and I am grateful for every visit.

The book will be released in July of 2018. 

Here's what people are saying about Lisa’s award-winning story, THE MODEL MAKER: “I thought The Model Maker was reminiscent of a shortened, "Twilight Zone" episode or a Ray Bradbury story--and that ain't bad! The only thing wrong with this story is that it was too short! I wanted more!”––S.B. / Columbus, OH 

"Dear Lisa, Congratulations on your award for your short story The Model Maker. I enjoyed it both as a writer and as a miniaturist. I shared the story with several friends who are doll house enthusiasts and they loved it also. One thinks it would make a lovely illustrated book for adults another said she would like to see a room box based on your story. One friend, a published author and miniaturist, just lost her husband two weeks ago. She was especially moved and promises to reread it many times. Good luck with your future writing.”––M.H.C.

"What a wonderful story. I loved it and wish Lisa had expanded it to a book. I read it with tears. Loved her portrayal and know she has the ability to make it a full story. Her talent should be encouraged and rewarded. Thanks for sharing.”––Mary 

"Dear Lisa, I subscribe to a daily digest called "Small Stuff". The members are all people interested in anything miniature. There are artisans, crafters, and beginning doll house makers like me. One of our members read your winning story "The Model Maker" and posted the website in our latest digest, suggesting we read your story. I loved the story! You are a very talented storyteller! I hope you continue to write. I'm sure others also enjoy your story.”––S.Z.S. Bakersfield, CA

 Opening lines from Lisa’s award-winning story THE MODEL MAKER: (THIS IS THE ORIGINAL OPENING FOR THE SHORT STORY ONLY)

    At seventy-seven, Cora Stephans, a model maker, was nearing completion of her grand masterpiece. The city of Cresco, Iowa, commissioned her to create a room-size mechanical townscape based on her life study of the area, and they were darn lucky to get her for the job, too. 
    A self-taught engineer whose creations had brought historical figures back to life at the World Fairs from decades past, Cora was a robotics imaginer before the terms were even invented. During her studies over the years more than one man had studied her. In fact, if you asked Cora what made those old men blush, she'd confess, 'Beauty is only skin deep, but mine's still a dollar short of pin money.' Whatever that meant. 
    She ignored the leers of the widowers, and bypassed the steady gaze from men who never did settle long enough to marry. Cora avoided divorced men, because they couldn't forget their old baggage. After losing Jonathon, her only love, she ignored her yearnings.     Living for her art was a hollow substitution for love, and Cora knew this in her heart, but it kept one's mind and hands occupied. The townscape of Cresco took years to create and each character had to be individually designed. 
    From handmade curtains to authentic flooring, everything within the walls of Cora's townscapes contained the stories, the hopes, and the dreams of real people. Who could resist the country general store? When you opened the door, a saggy bloodhound lifted its head from its paws and howled. 
    Every store was animated with characters and props that moved lights and fans that worked. The player piano cranked out a tune and the mechanical bartender poured a mug of beer. Cora struggled for a week trying to figure out how to keep the beer mugs frosted. She credited her mechanical skills to her father. 
     Everyone respected Harlan Stephans, he was witty and gifted. He could make anything tick and come alive. In moment of great weakness, Cora wanted to believe that if he had been alive when Jonathon had died, that her father would have found a way to save him, too. Cora tapped into her father's gift and expanded upon it . . . .





Still Focused Here: A 40+ Year Pictorial History of Rochester, Minnesota

Still Focused Here: A 40+ Year Pictorial History of Rochester, Minneso...
Release: August 21, 2018Still Focused Here: A 40+ Year Pictorial History of Rochester, MinnesotaWritten and Photographed by #1 International Bestselling Author & Illustrator Lisa Loucks-ChristensonIn 1978, Lisa Loucks was 13-years-old but did something that changed the focus of her future: she bought her first SLR...

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Lisa Loucks Christenson Completes Turn-Again Beauty Pageant, Book Eight, in her Wolves of Whitewater Falls Series

Lisa Loucks Christenson Completes Turn-Again Beauty Pageant, Book Eight, in her Wolves of Whitewater Falls Series

Lisa Loucks Christenson completed her newest book, Turn-Again Creek Beauty Pageant, Book Eight, WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS she wrote during the month of November 2017 during NaNoWriMo. 

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Lisa Loucks Christenson's WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS Book Trailer
Lisa Loucks Christenson's WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS Series book trailer features the new cover art for two of the books in this 12 book and growing ghost town saga. Re-developed as episodes, five per book are slated to release July 22, 2016 and onward.

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