Bow Wow Detectives® Book Trailer

Bow Wow Detectives® Book Trailer

Here is the updated Bow Wow Detectives® book trailer. This includes Case File 7, Shadow in Help Wanted.

The Bow Wow Detectives® is a book series written and illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson for Grades 3 and up., the books are about dogs who solve their dilemmas and mysteries and are written from a Christian perspective.

Lisa began writing dog stories while on her eagle documentary, she'd write down the escapades and adventures outdoors with her field dogs; after adopting two Chihuahua's, she created the Bow Wow Detectives® series from all her stories.

She's writing each book to fit a one-hour television format, and has started working on television scripts,  with hopes of producing the series in-house, but that could still be years away, if ever possible. Lisa has always wanted to create her own Davey & Goliath type films, and she hopes her books will provide readers family-friendly stories that features the valuable lessons and reflect the family values she grew up with.

Shadow in Help Wanted
Case File 7
Story Preview Edition (includes the first three chapters, coloring pages, trivia, series information, author bio)
Bow Wow Detectives®
doggie dilemma suspense stories™
Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Every paper has their deadlines and their delivers. When Shadow receives the wrong morning paper, she also finds a time-sensitive note tucked inside and finds herself on the biggest deadline of her life. Can she stop a crime before it happens? Can she, with the help of the other Bow Wow Detectives®, solve the clues in the mysterious note –– before the noon deadline –– the final cut-off time?


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