New Christian Visionary Drama by L. L. Christenson | 8H: Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary


Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary


Written & Illustrated by  L. L. Christenson

Cover Designs are the Publisher's Choices


A new Christian Visionary Drama is unfolding...

Can prayers be enough to protect the residents?

For those who wonder what happens beyond the valleys in the driftless region, far beyond the shores of the Minnesota Red Coast...

There's man known among some lands known as "Etcher",  some kind of otherworldly spirit or a man, no one knows for sure, but it's no secret that he's searching for a new land to call home.

 Miles beyond the land known as Minnesota Red Coast,  far away from the rumors of a world full of monsters, immortals, fallen, creatures of darkness there remains nine tribes of Christians.

These are faith-filled people who are trustworthy and virtuous, both physically and mentally strong. Men that will fight to their death to protect their families, their Christian beliefs in a falling world.

Who will survive the new battles? Who will still be standing or sent swimming when the unclean tides wash in flooding their beloved land with intriguing new residents with God-like abilities? 

Will their prayers be enough to fight off their temptations, their lures, their desires, and their betrayals? Who, but experience or Etcher can teach the Christians that evil can be dressed in many clothes, wearing many faces of disguise?


This Christian series is the journey of an evil man, maybe even the devil himself, who goes by the name of Etcher. He's a dark soul who is trying to teach God's people that nothing is forever, and their eternity is much farther away than what they've always believed.

Now that most of his tribes have arrived, by the boatload, in this newly discovered world: Not only does Etcher see a future and a hope, but he's claimed Equinox Estuary as his own promised land. 

L. L. Christenson's Eight Horsemen of Equinox Estuary




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