Joanne Macgregor Interview on Book Divas™

Joanne Macgregor Interview on Book Divas™

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I was lucky enough to interview author Joanne Macgregor, who is an author from South Africa. Check out her new book, Scarred. If you wan to enter the "Scarred" e-book giveaway, send your name, e-mail address, and in the subject line write "SCARRED" to enter. But get your entry to us by 11/30/15 by 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time, because we draw the winner on 12/1/15. Entrant understands this is an e-book giveaway, an Amazon Gift e-Book, and entrant understands they will need to have a way to read the file with an e-reader that reads Kindle books.

TO ENTER Send an email to:

Lisa Loucks Christenson


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